Fallingwater by Wrights

Topics: Building, Frank Lloyd Wright, Natural environment Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Wrights philosophy of "organic architecture" was his way of saying that a building should be made out of its natural surroundings. Wright exposed daring originality in his work and rebelled versus the intricate shapes and Victorian styles. He thought that the architectural development must be set by the particular role for the building, its environment, and the type of accessories utilized in the structure. He brought the outside environment literally into Fallingwater. The four beams known as the cantilevered terraces expand the first floor out over the stream making the viewer think they are actually close enough to the waterfall and are able to hear and see up close and personal the environment surrounding the house but they are in the air. The two main colors are only brown and red because they fit Wright’s philosophy of “organic architecture”. It makes the house blend in to its environment and in this situation the woods and the waterfall. Grey and soft cream colors with a lot of brown mixed were used because it was similar to the trees. A bit of red are seen on the building and can also be found in most of the rock. Bright colors are not used only because they did not go with the vision Wright had in mind. The colors he uses to blend the house into its environment make its presence less noticeable. | When viewed in the exterior the shaft of the glass is supposed to balance the structure and maintain the house transparency. The towers corner casement windows open outward breaking down the box and making the corners vanish. All this blurs the lines between interior and exterior. With the windows like that it brings in the natural light in to the house and gives the viewer a better aspect of what surrounds Fallingwater. The first floor has a kitchen that has a Swedish AGA stove, red asphalt tiles, St. Charles metal cabinets, and a table. There is a sitting room for the servants which were built by the kitchen under...
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