Falling in Love with the Philippines

Topics: Ilocos Region, Provinces of the Philippines, Luzon Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 10, 2013
A Narrative Essay
Justine Alaina R. Miranda BC 12 –YFebruary 4, 2012 No. of words: 1,103
Falling In Love With The Philippines
I have been to other places, over the Philippines, across the continent, and even to the other side of the globe. I fell in love with foreign countries and not of my own. But during my sembreak vacation, where I got the chance to see Northern Philippines, I fell in love with Ilocos. I fell in love with my own country.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really excited about going to Ilocos for several reasons. One, I believed that there was some place better we could go to, like maybe out of the country. Second, it was the first time that we travelled without my brother, and to me, it felt wrong. And third, I had absolutely no idea about what to see and what to do in Ilocos. And so I went to Ilocos without any expectations and just opening my eyes and heart to whatever it is I would see and find there. And I found myself in love the moment I set foot in the airport.

I fell in love with the people! Ilocanos were very kind, very hospitable, and very accommodating. There are smiling faces everywhere you go whether it be at the hotel, malls and random tricycle drivers. Ilocanos would always know when you are a tourist and it seemed like they’re very used to dealing with people, even those who drive the kalesa. They seemed very proud of their province and their heritage and I understood why. The people were just the beginning. The famous sights and landmarks of Ilocos were what made me jaw drop of awe. I had two days to see these places. The first one I got to see was the Cape Burador Lighthouse. It was a lighthouse constructed upon a very high mountain. When I got down of the car, the first thing I admired was the view. It was breath-taking! With the vast blue ocean down below with rocky structures and the green color of the trees and surroundings, it was really beautiful. Then, I knew that we had to climb a series of steps...
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