Falling in Love

Topics: Love, Positive psychology, Effect Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Falling in Love

“Hey, hellooo, man what is wrong with you? You have been acting strange lately and I think it has something to do with you falling in love.” Nicole said. “Yea, falling in love has some weird effects on me.” Kendall responded. The two girls continue to chatter about the effects of falling in love. Falling in love can have a variety of devastating and enjoyable effects such as always have a companion, getting a major increase in self-esteem, and last but no least losing focus in school and schoolwork.

One of the most serene effects of falling in love is always having a companion. My friend Kendall used to feel lonely all of the time. You see she was the only one in our clique that had yet to experience falling in love with someone. All of that changed the day she fell in love with her now permant lover. Now Kendall never feels lonely. For example, every single day Kendall’s lover stops by her house just to spend a little time with her. Kendall is now in love and not a single day goes by that Kendal even thinks about being lonely. When I finally fall in love I hope to be like Kendall and have a great effect of falling in love like having a companion.

“Man, do you know that I got a D- in Mr. Merjetski’s class? I went and asked him about it and he told me that if I wasn’t so busy falling in love with you and got busy with my schoolwork that I could’ve and would’ve done better.” Falling in love at times can have a negative effect such as losing focus in school and your schoolwork. A few of my friends are in love and their schoolwork is starting to become affected. They spend most of their class time focusing on their lovers instead of their schoolwork. Statistics show that when a high school teenager is in love that their grades in school seem to drop. Falling in love takes a lot of focus and most teens lose focus in school just to focus on falling in love.

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