Falling Education Standard

Topics: Education, School, Government Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Education means training for life. The main aim of education is threefold – physical, mental, and moral development of human personality. We find a constant fall in the standard of education.

There are various reasons behind the problem. Everyone is equally responsible, the government, teachers, parents and students.

The government is indifferent to the problems. The changing governments in the country have failed to assess the real causes of educational deterioration. The education administration is slack, corrupt and rather helpless against the student community. There are no proper checks on the functioning of the educational institutions. Accountability is missing at all levels.

The parents are equally responsible for the falling standard. Home plays the most important role in shaping the thinking and character of children and youth. In fact, a mother’s lap is the first school for a child. Parents are over indulgent with their children. They are allowed to do as they please. Lack of proper upbringing of children is a main cause of poor discipline. Parents have no strict control on youth.

The teachers, in general, are the product of our corrupt society. The primary schools are the nurseries of the nation. But our primary teachers are the least qualified and lowest paid. How can they raise good crop?

At college and university level, very few teachers are devoted and dedicated. It’s a common complaint that teachers do not take classes regularly; they come late and leave the classes before time. The heads are rather helpless before the political appointees. The greatest responsibility for these ills falls on the student community in general. Absenteeism, irregularity, unpunctuality and indiscipline are common practices. The government is sleeping or ineffective. Not acquirement of knowledge but easy papers and fake degrees are the aim of education for them. Peace that is a must for learning is missing. Examinations have become more a test of unfair...
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