Fallen Star

Topics: Black Panther Party, White American, African American Pages: 2 (953 words) Published: February 3, 2012
Do African American still have their freedom? That’s what Tupac Shakur would ask if he was still alive. Tupac is the author of the poem “Fallen Star”. Tupac always spoke with deep meaning, and he tried to express his feelings. He was a rapper who believed in freedom and respect. “Fallen star” was written for Huey Newton, a cofounder of the black panthers. He dedicated the poem to him showing Huey love and respect. Huey was living around the civil rights movement. He tried to be a role model and fight for his rights. He wants the African Americans to realize what the white Americans have done. He wanted freedom, and he was trying to prove a point. Tupac said nobody understood what he was trying to do but the white Americans. Since they knew what he was trying to do they were trying to stop him before he could get his message out to the world. People didn’t understand what Huey Newton was trying to do. His focus was to empower African Americans during a period of time when most of the African Americans could not make much progress. In many poor neighborhoods many young African Americans were looking for leadership and the Black Panther party, which Huey Newton help start, filled that void. They tried to teach self defense. This was a way to show discipline. He was trying to be a leader to the African Americans in the world by creating a 10 step program. He set out goals and objectives, and many people today say he accomplished his goals. Tupac believes the white Americans didn’t understand what Huey Newton was trying to do. He felt they were just trying to mock him and he was trying to do well in the world. There are many situations Tupac could be addressing in the second stanza in line one “when you where week” he could be talking about Huey Newton getting old. Week is a sign of getting old. He also could be could be talking about his drug and alcohol addiction. Huey Newton was heavy on drugs and alcohol. Some believe he use the Black Panther party money to...
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