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Dakota Elfstrom
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Logical Fallacies
What is logic?
* Logic is not if it makes sense but logic is to use evidence to prove if a statement is true and false * Biest evidence and evidence can be and error throughout your logical fallacy * Logic can be a tool and can be used to get you to believe in something and or for the bad. * Logic is in any decision we make. Our brain can be a starter of logic. What is a logical fallacy?

* A logical fallacy is an argument where the statement said is failed by the test of logic * Fallacy is a noun and fallacious an argument where there are logical fallacies. So what do we do with all of this?

* Make a big decision throughout class
# 1 Ad Hominem argument style
* Opinion is used and forced upon the subject and he must be taken seriously no matter what. * Discredit the person and come up with biest facts about the subject * No matter how much they lie, how stupid they are and or anyone they must be taken to credit (but double check the statement said). * Look at the statement not the person who said it.

* Can also work against a group or a kind of people.
* They base the belief of a statement upon the person who “said it”. #2 Appeal to the masses
* Tries to convince people because other people believe it * Like a bandwagon
* Simply believe it because the mass of people believe it and or the person who created it. * Like a peer pressure of mass to convince you that the statement is or “opinion” is true. #3 the appeal to intuition

* Asks you to believe your gut to believe without knowing evidence. * Feelings like you are the one right.
* Intuition doesn’t always make it right or wrong don’t ignore it but prove it before believing it. # 4 the appeal to fear
* Tries to convince us that a statement is true through intimidation. * Tries to believe that a statement is a fact but if opinions are bended in between it. *...
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