Fallacies of Speech

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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Some examples of fallacies in this speech came about immediately in the beginning. Candidate Kane said “With one purpose only, to point out and make public the dishonesty, the downright villainy of Jim W Getty’s political machine.” Using this kind of fallacy put negativity in the audience’s mind about Getty. When the announcer welcomes Kane onto the stage he uses bias by announcing Kane as the next Governor of the state even before he was elected or won. Kane uses a rhetorical device when he says that he made no campaign promises so he has a chance at winning and he now can make them. He then proceeds to argue how Getty has less than a chance and he supports this by stating that every vote and independent poll shows that he will be elected. Kane’s argument was valid because it had everything to do with the upcoming election and it made a valid point. His argument is also strong because he used facts and the result of actual poll’s to support his conclusion. Fallacies also come into play when the child asked the mother is his father was governor yet and she answers by saying not yet. This shows that even before Election Day the mother and the child believe that Kane will be elected governor beyond any reasonable doubt. They act as though he already is governor. He proceeded to make promises that came with no justification or supporting facts and I would consider those statements to be fallacies as well. His argument for those promises was not strong because he had no supporting facts and he also poked fun at the fact that he could afford to make promises because he was that close to winning the election already. He jokes that he would make his promises if he weren’t too busy arranging to keep them. This is making fun of Getty for being unable to keep such false promises that Getty may have made. Throughout this speech Kane made many promises and many arguments. The arguments were all valid but some were not as strong as others. There were a lot of rhetorical...
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