Fallacies in the Political Speeches by G. W. Bush and J. Kerry

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Open the link to the list of political speeches by G.W. Bush and J. Kerry, read some of the speeches and identify fallacies used by the author. Explain what is wrong in the reasoning used by them.

Maksym Piekut (24665)

Browsing through some of John Kerry’s speeches I have managed to spot a few common reasoning fallacies. The following quote suggests an appeal to tradition fallacy: “This is not the way we do things in America. Here in America, we don’t sacrifice science for ideology. We are a land of discovery – a place where innovators and optimists are free to dream and explore. Where government encourages creativity and entrepreneurship instead of stifling it. Where we’re always searching for the next breakthrough, always pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. And that’s why we must lift the ban on stem cell research”- John Kerry assumes the traditional ways of handling things as best for the country .whereas the effectiveness of stem cell method shouldn’t be determined by whether it fits the traditional ways. Another quote shows a hasty generalization fallacy as Kerry assumes that him and John Edwards, will instantly change many aspects for better- “I want you to hold on, and keep faith, because come next January, when John Edwards and I are sworn into office, we’re going to create a new anniversary – one that will be a cause for celebration. We’re going to lift the ban on stem cell research. We’re going to listen to our scientists and stand up for science. We’re going to say yes to knowledge, yes to discovery, and yes to a new era of hope for all Americans” As we know even if a politician is very successful no one is able to put things in motion that fast. I have also found the clearest possible example of personal attack on George W. Bush in one of Kerry’s speeches. It goes as follows : “As the President likes George W. Bush. And the W stands for wrong. Wrong choices, wrong direction, and wrong leadership for America. And this election all comes...
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