Fallacies: Cosmetics and Lash Fanatic Mascara

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Nelson 1
Dr. Mumpo
ENGL 1102
18 September 2012
Fanatic False Dramatics!
Is advertising so true? Sellers have to come up with a way for customers to buy their product. They have to praise their product to have customers thinking they have to have it. Many people turn to advertising because they know that it’s the best way to get their product known. Most of the time, the products are not as good as the sellers make it to be. Their advertisement is not so true, which could trick the customers into buying something they do not need. If this continues to happen, these customers would be spending hard earned money on worthless products.

You can find a fallacy in almost any form of advertisement. Logical fallacies are mistakes in reason. According to the St. Martin’s handbook, “Fallacies have traditionally been viewed as serious flaws that damage the effectiveness of an argument” (174). There are many different forms of fallacies that are commonly used in advertising. These fallacies are forms of arguments. Fallacies should be studied by customers so they know what they are getting into. Something that has many fallacies that trick customers is magazines.

“Essence Magazine was created for the African-American culture. It was intended to keep them updated with the latest fashion and entertainment” (qtd. in Ebanks). All of the pages of this magazine collection are not always filled with the African-American culture, so it was intended for other races as well. If looking at the magazine from its cover, most buyers would be

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women. Most of the time, if not all, there would be a woman on the cover. Of course the woman would be dressed in the latest fashion, with perfect make-up, skin, and a beautiful smile. This is what has to get the buyers attention the most. If the cover does not look interesting, then from a customer’s perspective the many pages would not be as well. “Every woman is a queen!” That saying alone should catch all women’s attention. This saying was seen on page ten of the September 2012 Essence magazine. This ad was intended to get women to buy this new CoverGirl Queen Collection mascara. The mascara is said to give you double the volume of lashes. They are mainly focusing on the mascara but they also promote their vivid impact eye liner.

In the ad, the first thing you see is the beautiful Queen Latifah. The picture of her is only a head shot. She is smiling with glossy brown lips and a perfect set of white teeth, and glancing up as if she just came up with a brilliant idea. Her brown hair flows as if wind was rushing through it. More than likely, there was a fan set at a low angle to cause that effect of her hair. Her skin is smooth and perfect, and eyebrows are freshly waxed. The first thing you would notice about her face is her eyes. The green Vivid Impact eyeliner is placed perfect above and below the rim of her eyes. To set the mascara off is her beautiful eye lashes, which was obviously brushed with the Lash Fanatic Mascara. Her eye lashes stand out more than anything. The ad was placed in a plain background so you can only focus on Queen Latifah. Her headshot basically covers the entire ad. In the right-hand corner of the ad reads “CoverGirl Queen Collection”. The biggest text in the ad reads “Beyond The Dramatic... Lash Fanatic.” This quote means that this mascara bring a better effect than most mascara. This quote also shows that

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the audience intended are sophisticated girls who love make-up. The article also reads, “Double the volume, Double the drama!” This mascara was intended to stand out on the user. It was intended to be noticed and have positive feed-back. At the bottom of the ad they have a brief summary of what the mascara does, and also throws in something about the eye liner as well, which reads “Make them look twice. The fanatical formula and precision brush double your lash look instantly. For more intensity, get Vivid Impact liner.” Very small at the...
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