Fall on Your Knees Essay

Topics: Want, Child sacrifice, Korban Pages: 5 (1936 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Fall On Your Knees
* It is the story of James Piper, orphaned child, who becomes a piano tuner. When James was 18, he met Material, 13, and they elope to the close by village. Materia’s family were against her marriage. James then has three daughters, Kathleen, Mercedes, and Frances. James was a good man, but slowly dark side of his nature asserted itself. He serves in France during the Great War to make money. But the war comes to an end. He returns to his family. Kathleen is dispatched to New York City to study opera, she gets pregnant and later finds a lesbian partner. James finds out and brings his daughter back. Soon he is widower and Kathleen dies while giving birth to the twins. Mercedes tries her best to be the mother of Frances and her niece Lily, Kathleen’s daughter. Ambrose, Kathleen’s son is killed by Frances accidentally. Frances goes completely off track and starts doing prostitution to make money for Lily. Frances also gets pregnant and stops prostitution. James dies later on and everything depends on Mercedes since Frances is in a big shock. Later on, Lily goes to New York and Frances dies. Mercedes sends Ambrose, France’s son to New York. * Sacrifices are made by a lot of people in the whole universe for the sake of people who they love. In Ann – Marie Macdonald’s Fall on Your Knees, James and his family sacrifice important things that they desire or want for the sake of their family. Through the use of characterization, symbols and diction, Macdonald shows that healthy sacrifices benefit everyone. Similarly in Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Sacrifice is shown throughout the play for the benefit of self or others that they love or want. This is also shown by Shakespeare by using the above elements, which proves that the sacrifices that are made for the benefit of everyone will lead to the happy ending. * Characterization is used to show the decisions that are made for the benefits of other or self. In Fall on Your Knees, people make decisions that benefit others which have huge impact in their life, while in Hamlet, the decisions that are made are for the benefits of self for which someone else has to pay.

* There are many characters in Fall on Your Knees that choose to live for the sake of others. One of them is Kathleen. Kathleen is a great singer who poses beauty and singing talent but she has no friends and is not even close to her mother. The only friend that she has is her father. She gave up everything that she could have just for the sake of her daddy. She wants to be singer just because her daddy wants her to be famous, so people can appreciate her talent. “At first she did it for daddy’s sake” (Macdonald 99). This shows that Kathleen gave up her whole childhood and teenage moments that she could have for herself for the sake of daddy. She never goes anywhere by herself. Later, James sends her to USA to study Opera. And she agrees without even saying anything. * Similarly her sister, Mercedes also sacrifices her educations and her future for the sake of family. Mercedes is a good girl who is taking the role of mother for her sisters. “Mercedes is so accustomed to doing everything for Daddy’s sake” (299). Mercedes does not tell her father about her dream of going to university. She knows that her father will be all alone if she leaves him. She buries her dream in her heart, so she stays home and takes care of the family. * Similarly in Hamlet, Hamlet sacrifices his future and his love for the sake of his father. He needs to take revenge. Hamlet is always sad and depressed since his father is no more. When he found that his uncle was the murderer of his father, he promised the ghost to take revenge for his father’s death. To accomplish his motive, he gave up the love of his life, Ophelia, so he can have no weaknesses. “You should not have believed me; for virtue cannot so/ inoculate our old stock but we shall relish of it. I loved you/ not.” (III.1.128-130). Hamlet is...
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