Fall in Love with Writing

Topics: Love, Pen, Mind Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Fall in Love with Writing When I was a little girl, I always loved listening to my parents telling me wonderful fairy tales before going to bed, and reading suspense stories,which had surprising endings that I could never guess right . On my sixth birthday, my mother gave me a lovely notebook with delicate packaging and told me that I could write anything on it, even create my own stories. I was so exciting about it. I stayed up all night trying to write an interesting story.

Amazingly, I found myself enjoy writing so much and I couldn’t stop. That’s when I fall in love with writing. When I grew older, writing became one of my favorite things. Writing brings me not only joy, but also a lot of help in my life. When I feel bad, I write my feelings down, and put it away. This is my way of letting go of my negative emotions. I like creating a world that I can breathe in, a world full of imagination, a world with no pain and sadness, a world where I can escape from real life for a fleeting moment, relax and just be myself. Writing helps me think calmly as well. Sometimes it is more logical than speaking. It gives me a chance to clear my thoughts and make my mind organized. When I start writing, unbelievably, the whole world seems to become quiet where new ideas keep jumping out from my mind to my fingers. I can express myself and my beliefs better through writing. Most importantly, I can get to know so many beautiful words. I love the way the words

come together when I write, how they can flow effortlessly, and how they can submerse me. After learning about the great writers in history such as Victor Hugo, Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald, I started to realize how powerful words can be and how writing can represent our society and redefine the world. I love writing for the reasons above. Sometimes I just enjoy writing by the way my pen

hits the paper, or the way my fingers tap the keyboard. I think writing makes me know more about the world and myself. It...
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