Was the fall of the Bastile the most significant event of 1789?

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  • Published: December 12, 2007
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Was the fall of the Bastille the most significant event of 1789?

Some historians believe that the calling of the estates general is the most important event of 17989. This is because it was a very big ordeal for it to be called. The last time it had been called was in 1614. It caused many rifts in the lives of the people involved. The third estate asked the king to have double the numbers and voting by head. This would mean that they had equal voting power as that of the 1st and 2nd estates put together. This was they said because they represented the majority of the country. The abbé Sieyes wrote a pamphlet called 'what is the third estate'. This basically said that the third estate was everything. The cahiers that were created we a very important document. The publishing of these created a very unsuspected result. The nobility appeared to be very liberal and agreed with the third estate that there were injustices in the current system. That merit should qualify men for top jobs and that some privileges would have to go.

However others believe that the creation of the National Assembly is very important. The proclaiming by the third estate of the creation of the National Assembly came after the king wasted seven weeks on the meeting and voting procedures. The patience of the 3rd estates eventually ran out. This is important because the National Assembly created a direct opposition to the king and his autocratic rule.

The tennis court oath also played a big part in 1789. It showed that the king was finally losing control. It also showed that to keep his authority he was prepared to accept Necker's suggestion to hold a royal session of the three estates on 23 June. On the 20th June the third estate found their meeting locked and guarded. They took to the only place big enough to support such a large gathering, a tennis court. Under the leadership of Mounier and Mirabeau they took the tennis court oath. This is important because this act...
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