Fake Exemplary News Report

Topics: Abuse, Foster care, Cruelty to animals Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Nishitha 09L
Nishitha 09L
Horrifying Animal Abuse Scandal Uncovered
Agatha Shelley, Crime Reporter
Sunday, May 10, 2009
Red Bank, NJ –Friday morning after suspicious allegations of animal cruelty and brutal murder of a pet dog were made by a local neighbours police searched and examined the storage locker of Ed Boone. “We came upon a more sinister and grotesque display, I could not even comprehend what I was looking at when that door was lifted”, said Officer Paul MacKelly one of the members on the investigation team. In April the RBPD were told to investigate the murder of a dog and several disappearances of several pets. As the investigation proceeded and the RBPD connected the deaths they realized there was one man connected to all of them Ed Boone “A more wicked and apocalyptic series of events than we thought have been unraveled” said local neighbours. According to the lead detective on this case “Boone would stalk and then kidnap local neighbourhood pets and then brutally torture them in his storage locker”. “He’s always around animals and has quite a short-temper” said Boone’s next door neighbour. After he was picked out of a line-up by a witness who saw him stab a dog with a garden fork, the police arrested Boone and then issued a search warrant for his storage locker. When the police arrived there they found cages filled with malnourished, beaten and tethered down kittens, dogs and various other animals. The RBPD also found newspaper clippings of several fires that occurred at factories in the town, after 18 hours in interrogation Boone finally confessed to arson and torturing animals “I was just rehearsing before I could move onto humans; I needed to experiment and find the most exciting ways to give pain. Who cares anyway, they were just stupid pets” Ed said to the SFT news reporter. “Boone completes J.M. MacDonald’s Triad of Sociopathy, his parents died when he was young and he was sent from one abusive foster home to another, this was the...
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