Fake Diplomas

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Fake Degrees

Every year thousands of students graduate from college after years of dedication and determination. The diploma one earns can assist in securing a coveted upper level position in a current career field or provide the option of an entirely new career. Unfortunately, some people have chosen to fabricate such degrees, diplomas, and even transcripts in order to falsify their credibility and education. Unfortunately, some dishonest people desire the degree and the benefits associated with but do not want to do the work required to earn the diploma. The demand for fake degrees is so great that there is actually a web based company which will sell a customized diploma and even transcripts for a fee. The documents look authentic and can fool most any human resource department. This poses a serious problem for employers. Companies rely on the human resource department to review applications and resumes. No longer can the department assume any document which appears authentic is automatically valid. It is especially difficult to identify a phony diploma if it belongs to a university which the human resource department has not seen before. Obviously, something must be done to assist the human resource department in verifying applicants’ education and background. Ideally a simple process similar to running a background check or credit check would be beneficial. This could be implemented in a number of ways which could be used separately or in conjunction with one another. First, all colleges would need to agree to participate. Diplomas would need to be serial numbered. The numbers and graduates information would then need to be entered into a data base. The data base could then be referenced by a human resource department when an applicant submits an application. Another option would be to use a person’s social security number and simply add the accurate educational information to his or her credit report. Human resource departments...