Faith Like Potatoes

Topics: God, Prayer, Jesus Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Faith like potatoes

Although it might be a cliché inspirational movie on the outside but in the inside there’s much more than that especially because it was based on a true story. The movie titled “Faith like potatoes “is an eye-opener to those people who are lost in their own way and that too many things kept them busy enough to forget God.

From the start of the film, I wondered why the title was like that. Why is faith compared to potatoes? So when I learned about Angus’s life, from the time he was a lost sheep to a person who willingly received Christ once again in his heart and mind, I understood that it was never too late to be faithful. I think I saw myself on him in terms of experience though in a different way. Angus wasn’t perfect but he was somehow a perfectionist. He wants things done his way and there was no room for mistakes. But every time he would do so, things would go the other way making him a hot-tempered man. Luckily, his family loves him and was worried about him. When he finally gave his heart back to Jesus, he learned to change and that he gradually realized that he should keep God in his mind. However, he didn’t expect that a lot of challenges came to his way because God was testing his faith. For example, insensitive people showed up and even the tragic accident that happened to his dear nephew. He was about to give up but he only prayed. In the end, a great miracle happened to him..... Before that, I would like to continue of how I am similar to Angus. Back in high school, I wasn’t a teenager who prays every day nor attend mass every Sunday. I was more concentrated on studying and that even peer pressure was bothering me. When I learned about the org called CFC- Youth for Christ during junior year, everything changed completely. So maybe not every Sunday but I now know how to attend a mass and would participate actively in all the songs and responses. In YFC, I do the same, worshipping through singing, sharing my thoughts and...
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