Faith Diversity

Topics: Religion, Spirituality, Human Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Healing Through Equality

The Baha’i, Buddhist, Native American and Christian faiths share many commonalities as this paper will highlight. The importance of the spiritual component of holistic care is vital to healing and awareness of faith diversity helps meet a unified goal. This awareness enhances care for the patient and provides fulfillment to the individual providing the care. Nursing is a unique component of the overall healthcare team in that the nurse spends a large chunk of time at the bedside tailoring and tweaking the plan of care to meet the patients’ needs. Florence Nightingale is world reknown as a pioneer of nursing who recognized the importance of allowing for spiritual diversity. It is of utmost importance that these original ideals of nursing and spiritual diversity are not lost in world that heavily relies on science and technology.  

The world was an empty canvas from the day of creation, one that our creator painted with many different colors and life forms from every corner of the Earth. How boring the world would be if everyone was the same, each human being a precious life comprised of mind, body and spirit. Humans are far more than scientific specimens; capable of feeling, loving and having a deeper connection within themselves through spirituality. Each must be accepting of one another and embrace differences. Healthcare providers must treat all human beings with equality to effectively heal patients; mind, body and spirit through love and understanding. The Christian faith provides teachings through the Holy Bible; the words of Jesus Christ provide guidance on healing our sick through love and understanding and based on the premise that all humans are equal and deserving of compassion. Christians believe in healing through prayer and the love of our savior. Healthcare providers of the Christian faith must be able to incorporate the love of Jesus and have that same acceptance for all humans...
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