Faith and Reason

Topics: Pope John Paul II, Pope, Fides et Ratio Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Fides ET Ratio
The encyclical “Fides ET ratio” was written in 1998 by Pope John Paul II to his fellow bishops to show the relationship among faith and reason. The Holy Father wrote the encyclical to help and support the old Christian philosophy. This great scholar believed that faith and reason has a lot of interconnection to help people to love and know who is God.

Pope John’s highness next explains the proper interaction between faith and reason. Basically reason supports faith, and they have an interaction between each other. Reason prepares the way to faith. St. Justin and the apologists used philosophy as a “preamble” to the faith. The philosophy shows how the Catholic faith has an interaction between faith and reason. Reason can show that God is existed and can prove himself by his ability of doing anything and power. Reason creates the foundation for faith and makes revelation. Reason plays an important role for those people who believe in God. Faith with no reason is only feelings and experiences. Actually faith by itself collapses its stature.

The Holy Father’s encyclical shows and clarifies the historical story of human beings. Ancients were pondering about their existence in life and hereafter. People’s meditation has led them to believe in God. Pope John Paul started noting that revelation played a huge role in the church searching for the absolute truth, and faith was too necessary to discover the full truth. Christianity gradually adapted philosophy, and scholars such as Saints Augustine and Justin have done a lot to the expansion of the Christian thought. Pope John has clarified in his encyclical that truth has discovered through the relationship between faith and reason. Both of them are too important to know who is God and love him. Reason by itself cannot get someone to the ultimate truth. The academic path has led theology to increase the interaction with philosophy and reason. Theology has been continuing to proclaim the Gospel to the...
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