Faith and Reason

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Resurrection of Jesus Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Faith and Reason

Varughese John

According to the bible, we are saved only by grace through faith [sola gratia & sola fide] – perhaps a rather bold declaration for someone outside the Christian faith! What is it about our faith that makes it the most worthy response to God’s faithfulness? The fallen mind tends to think little of the simple faith and measures anything of worth in proportion to its complexity. In other words, many find the truth that ‘faith’ leads to salvation quite simplistic and therefore untrue! This attitude betrays the real human problem of dependence on human capability to procure our own salvation on our own terms rather than on God’s terms.

The Bible speaks of salvation as the restoration of a broken relationship that came as a consequence of the fall. The restorative debt paid in full by the death of Jesus on the cross imputed upon us the status of ‘children’. This means that there is nothing that we could contribute to our own salvation – perhaps a difficult proposition for the human ego to swallow. As well-meaning Christians, we want to contribute something toward our salvation and so we bring along our righteousness to the table. However, the bible equates our righteousness to ‘filthy rags’ [Is.64:6]. So we push our ‘filthy rags’ along with God’s wonderful grace and end up with a hopeless and pathetic, ‘raggedy grace’! How unfortunate!

Now, from the purview of a relationship, the faithfulness of God and the faith of a believer are complimentary. That is, when God’s nature is that of faithfulness, our nature ought to be that of faith or trust. Often when we think of faith, we merely mean holding certain beliefs. While it is true that our faith does affirm certain beliefs such as the Nicene Creed, there is yet another crucial aspect to faith—the actual trusting in God. Anything less than a total trust would be an unworthy response! Even as we see in the recurring biblical imagery of marriage, the best...
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