Fairytale vs Reality

Topics: Fairy tale, The Real World, MTV Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Fairytale V.S Reality
Each individual contains a mind of their own that represents them. Whatever people say or do, whoever they may embody, whatever character or personality they have, people can not live in an illusion that they have invented in their minds. Reality and fairytales have two different meanings of life; Reality shows the facts about life, and fairytales consist of only imagainations that people yearn to come to life. Although life itself acts as the most wonderful fairytale of all, one can not go astray from the real world.

There are many that believe in fairytales. One of the most convincing fairytales happen to consist of love. All of humankind hopes for that special someone that will sweep them off their feet and walk off into the sunset where they live happily ever after. To say this dream unsatisfies people would be idiotic. This dream pleasantly pleases people all over the world. Everyone aches for love. The person that views things as they really are also wants love. However, they do not believe in things such as horse carriages or doves delievering love letters. What people would expect from a realist consist of going to the movies, eating at resturants, having strolls in the park, and other actions such as going to carnivals. These common actions represents the beliefs of a realist when on the topic of love.

The future of a person that inhabits the life of a character in a fairytale will not survive the harsh conditions of reality. To not have a life planned beforehand and assuming it will play itself out can hurt that person. In fairytales, the protagonist always ends up with everything he or she ask for. People can not live life thinking things will be thrown at them just because they want it. Knowing that hard work will pay off symbolizes a realist. People that do not believe in fairytales, understands that hard work achieves the goals worth working hard for. Their idea to take action and do something with their life will...
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