Fairy Tale and Beauty

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  • Published : April 20, 2012
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, therefore the best gift ever from parents. Other than parents failing to fulfill those gifts Bruno Bettelheim, a child psychologist and author of “The Uses of Enchantment”, gives theoretical explanations that children could have a stronger and confident life by having opportunities to learn through struggles and get past them by reading fairytales, like Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. When children read these stories they can connect to them in a way that Bettelheim’s theory can be achieved. Bettelheim’s book “The Uses of Enchantment” helps children learn how to cope with unavoidable struggles in their life and relate to the symbolisms of fairytales struggles, like moral obligation, self-dignity, and narcissistic disappointment while reading a fairytale like Beauty and the Beast.

In the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, Beauty’s sisters are antagonist, “bad characters”, who only value money and a rich man to gain happiness in life, which a child can easily distinguish who will lose in the story and apply this connection to their life by realizing that money and a man will not give you happiness. Bettelheim explains that the polarization between good and evil helps a child determine easier on who the child wants to side with. “The more simple and straightforward a good character, the easier it is for the child to identify with it and to reject the bad other” (par. 26). In this case Beauty doesn’t care about money and men to be happy but the love and value of life and her family is more fulfilling especially when her father is threatened by the Beast, she gains confidence in herself that it will be fine. Later in the story with the love and care of the Beast, who looks angry and scary, looking past his external appearance, she sees the good in him. A child can recognized the “good” in Beauty’s character and the make a choice on who he or she wants to be like. In the end of the Beauty, Beauty’s sisters are forced to watch the life of...
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