Fairy Tale Analysis

Topics: Fairy tale, Female, Gender Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Fairy Tale Analysis
The Fairy Tale of Sleeping Beauty shows that women are very disobedient and curious when it comes to finding their sexuality and inner women hood by exploring a dark hidden room on top of the tower. A lot of fairy tales have numerous symbols that represent sex or sexuality and Sleeping Beauty is one great example. The curse that the thirteenth fairy gave her could represent menstruation when turning 15 years of age. The dark room on top of the tower could represent the curiosity of women hood and sexuality. The spindle when she pricks her finger could also relate to menstruation and losing her virginity. Lastly the hedge of thorns that only turn to flowers when the right guy comes along to marry could represent that sex should only be explored when in marriage with the right guy. All of these are sexual references or symbols made in the fairy tale the Sleeping Beauty.

At the beginning of the fairy tale the king and queen wanted a child and once they finally had a little girl they had a huge party where they invited 12 fairies to give her gives of beauty, wealth, happiness, etc. The 12 fairies would represent the twelve months in a year. The thirteenth fairy gave her a curse that she would fall into a deep sleep at 15 years of age. The age is very important because when a girl is 15 years old is normally when they being puberty and start menstruation. Menstruation normally represents a girl coming into women hood, which then leads into the curiosity of their sexuality and the opposite sex as well.

When sleeping beauty is 15 years of age her curiosity starts to rise which leads her to terrible things. Her parents tell her to not explore the castle because she might find herself in trouble, but when her parents are away she becomes disobedient and explores anyways. She finds this tower that has stairs leading up to a dark room. The dark room could represent the curiosity of sexuality and true women hood. Going into this room shows that she...
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