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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The fairy tales Rapunzel, Princess and the Frog, and Canary Prince have many similarities and differences. The story Canary Prince is a mixture of Rapunzel and Princes and the Frog. But Canary Prince is a Italian fairy tale that has to do with both of the other well known fairy tales. These stories are all about a princess and a prince, but also have original fact and details to their stories. There is a lot more to learn about these three stories.

These three stories are a lot alike. The stories all have the main character as a princess. Rapunzel and the Canary Prince are alike because both of the princesses in these stories are trapped in a castle. They both let the prince in the window by letting down something long for him to climb. Canary Prince and the Princess and the Frog are alike to because the princesses both turn a gross animal to a lovely prince All of the stories are alike because they all fall in love with an unexpected prince.

These stories can also be different. Rapunzel and the Canary Prince are different because Rapunzel does not change her prince. Rapunzel also has long hair to let down to her prince while the other princesses let down their sheets. The Princess and the frog and Canary Prince can be very different because the prince turns into a frog and the other one turns into a canary bird. They are also very different because the Canary Prince is an Italian fairy tale, Princess and the Frog is a Russian fairy tale and Rapunzel is a well known German fairy tale that was pasted down to us. Those fairy tales have a lot of details to make theirs original.

As you already know these fairy tales are alike and different in many ways. They show how different cultural stories can have the same outlook but different point of views. Even though every culture is different, the fairy tales can show how we are alike in a way. These three stories came together and have the same meaning.
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