Fairever Fruit Fairness Cream

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Fairever Fruit Fairness Cream
Date: April 18th, 2008 (Submitted in partial fulfillment of the II semester course Requirements of MBA 2008-2010 batch)


This is to certify that we, the students of Amrita School of Business, are submitting the following document as part of the partial fulfillment of the Marketing Management course requirements of second semester MBA for the batch of 2008-10. The report stands genuine to the best of our knowledge and a tool to be used, only with the objective of academic reference. Any deviation from the above stated, is liable to be termed unethical malpractice and subject to forfeiture of the acknowledgement of the efforts of the students responsible. The following work has been carried on under the able guidance of our Professor Dr. Deepak Gupta.

Date: April 18th, 2008 Students, Amrita School of Business

Attested by

(Signature) Prof. Dr. Deepak Gupta Professor (Marketing) Amrita School of Business


We have a great pleasure in thanking Prof.Deepak Gupta for giving us an opportunity to do a project on Market Research. We would also thank our mentor, Mr.Karthikeyan for his sustained and adequate guidance.

We would like to thank staff members for their support. We thank them for their readiness to cooperate and helping us avail the material resources without any obstacles. We would also take this opportunity to express our immense gratitude towards all the customers, shop owners and other public who helped us in carrying out our survey. We would thank all our colleagues for their warm and sincere support, in helping us complete the case analysis.

Above all, we would like to thank the Almighty without whose grace our endeavor might not have become possible.

Students, Amrita School of Business


Executive summary
One of the issues that surround the concept of beauty in India is the color of the skin. There are many people who believe that fair skinned people are more beautiful than dark skinned people. In India, fair skin is associated with beauty and class. We have seen in the olden times that every woman used to take special care of their skin and hair using traditional methods. Nowadays people face more challenges in life with technology, population, pollution and various other kinds. Hence they took less care of their skin. Later a variety of creams were introduced in the market which claimed to give protection to the skin and maintain its fairness.

We started our research design with exploratory research to understand the research problem. Discussions and focus group interview were conducted to get an insight into the problem. This exploratory research was followed by descriptive research methodologies where respondents were asked to fill questionnaires to get an idea about their perception, opinion, awareness and brand loyalty. Our research is done on Fairever Fruit Fairness Cream. The research is done to gain an insight on how to improve the sales of the cream in the market, and to see how well the product has penetrated in the market.

After formulating the management decision problem the marketing research problem was found out this was then divided into specific components. The research questions were framed which was further broken down into specific questions to derive at the questionnaire. Data was collected and analyzed for each component.

Our survey leads to some important results. A major part of the respondents were not fairness cream users. They had a strong opinion that most of the fairness cream advertisements have a concept which is against the corporate social responsibility. The remaining few fairness cream users preferred Fair and Lovely above other products available in the market. In...
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