Fair Trade

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Fair Trade
Today I want to talk about „Fair Trade“. At first I tell you something about the generall things (What is FT ? My second point ist he organisation, then the principles, goals the Ft Label and the use of money.

1. Fair Trade
FT is a controlled Trade, in which the prices fort he products are settled eighter. The strategy ist hat producer should get a eighter and safer income. It is concentrated on goods from the 3rd word and southern countries which are exported to the industrial countries, especially products from agriculture and traditional handicrafts, in recent years also industrial products (clothes). If you want to buy FT products you can find them in whole food-shops, supermarkets or resturants, but in basicly they are offered in „world shops“ where only volunteers work. The Products are bananas, chocolate, sugar, tea, coffee, rice, cotton, nuts or fruits.

Now some facts of FT. In the world are more than 30000 supermarkets which sell FT products. There are about 3 million customers and 1 millon farmers who profit in 58 countrys from FT. Since 1992 FT has made turnover of 800 million dollars. The world day of FT ist he 17th may. At this day are different events like many fashion shows in Japan, and fairs in Austria where people can cost FT products.

FT is no organisation, but there are more than 100 organisations, which stand for FT all are combined in FINE (the main organ organisation) F= Fair Trade Labelling organisations International (FLO) which awards the label Trans Fair ( with ist you can FT goods) I= International Fair Trade Association (IFAT) which supports cooperation between organisation commit to equality and justice of the world Trade N= Network of European World shops (NEWS), cooperation between the shops E= European Fair Trade Association (EFTA), which is responsible fort he import of FT products

1. It creates chances for disadvantaged people Whit this they want to reach a...
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