"Fair Game" Film Review

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Born in New York City in 1965, director Doug Liman is known for producing multiple things from the T.V series the “O.C” (very successful) to another T.V series that flopped in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which only aired the pilot). He is most known for his work with “The Bourne Identity” saga. Which leads us to one of his most recent works “Fair Game”. When talking about what particular “genre” this movie possessed, we will have to quote “IMDB” and use the words Biography, drama, and thriller. As Haas would protest when the controversial conversation would come up about if it fits the political “genre”. He would simply break movies into four categories, which fits into “Politically Reflective Films”, “Socially Reflective Films”, “Pure Political Films”, and “Auteur Political Films”. I would actually put this somewhere around the “Pure Political Film” category in my opinion. It opened in October 2010 and starred Naomi Watts (Valerie Plume), Sean Penn (Joe Wilson), and Sonya Davison (Chanel Suit). Watts is known for her busy career including movies like “21 grams”, and the two “Ring” movies. Penn has been just as busy performing in classics such as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” to teaming up with Watts in “21 grams”. “Fair Game was nominated for 6 awards, taking home two victories. It was the 2010 “Best Narrative Feature” at the Mill Valley Festival Awards. It also claimed the “Freedom of Expression Award” at the National Board of Review. With top-notch actors, and an experienced aggressive director, “Fair Game” set out to become a memorable film and a must see. Did it succeed? Let me start critiquing the empirical (content) part of the film as mentioning the character Joseph Wilson, who served as a U.S ambassador to Gabon, San Tome, and Principe in previous duty. He was a diplomat with a very heavy opinion and was also very blunt. He was sent to Niger to investigate the situation of the White Houses suspicion that Iraq was buying Uranium from the African...