Fair and Lovely Brand Analysis

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Opinions/Future perspectives(according to you)

Brand ambassador

Marketing or advertising strategies

Q 1. SWOT Analysis – Fair & Lovely


1. Market leader in skin-whitening segment

• 9th most trusted brand in India (economic times survey 2010)

• Around 50 % market share in 1000 Crore market

2. HUL has the deepest distribution network among FMCG companies.

3. Brand Positioning in line with Indian sentiments – “ A fair skin is like education, regarded as a social and economic step up.”

4. Reach in almost all major segments covering all age groups, income groups with differential packaging according to the need of the user.

5. Tried and tested brand for the past 33 years resulting in great brand loyalty which no other brand enjoys in market.


1. Researchers and medical practitioners have declined the claim of skin whitening. No medical study has proved the same. The concerns about safety are raised from time to time by dermatologists.

2. The advertising is highly criticized - The Maharastra State Commission for Women gave to Fair & Lovely the dubious "award" for the most gender-insensitive television advertisements.

3. Highly crowded market presence of almost 10 rival brands of national and international origin such as Revlon, Nivea, Garnier, Emami, Fairglow, Vicco etc.

4. Still untapped market segments such as premium segment, antiwrinkle creams etc.

5. As reported the cream brand leaves residue on the skin which comes as a deterrent for some users.


1. Untapped areas of market such as premium creams, anti wrinkle, sports, sun block.

2. Men fairness cream market has vast potential to grow as it has lower no of competitors and the market is still to grow as compared to women fairness cream market.

3. To come up with creams with additional features hence giving customers of different...
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