Fair and Lovely

Topics: Advertising, India, Human skin color Pages: 5 (1934 words) Published: January 5, 2009
INDIAN COSMETIC MARKET SIZE: U.S. $950 MN. CUSTOMER BASE: 27 MN TARGET MARKET: YOUNG WOMEN 18-35 1. Is it ethical to sell a product that is, at best, only mildly effective? Discuss. 2. Is it ethical to exploit cultural norms and values to promote a product? Discuss. No, it is not ethical. From this case, we can easily find out that the sales of the Fair & lovely and Fairever are totally based on the success of the advertisements. Skin color is a powerful theme in India and Asia where a lighter color represents a higher status. Both of the companies take advantage of the truth of the dark skin of the Indian people and emphasize a lot on the benefit of having fair skin. For example, in the HLL’s advertisement of “fairer girl gets the boy theme”, it featured a dark-skinned girl who eventually became a successful flight attendant due to the use of the “fairness cream”. This supposed that women’s success is mainly due to the fair skin and beauty but not their real ability or education background. It’s a kind of misleading advertisement and propagate. 3. Is the advertising of Fair & Lovely demeaning to women or is it portraying a product not too dissimilar to cosmetics in general? However, it used other element and stories to convince the customers that if they use its products, they will be successful in their career and probably have a higher social status. This is quite negative, since it supposed that the main qualification for woman to get a job is the way she looks but not the capability within herself. I think it’s a kind of demeaning women regardless of the social influence. The derision of any race, caste, skin color, creed and nationality should be avoided in the advertisements. 4.. In light of AIDWA’s charges, how would you suggest Fair & Lovely promote its product? Discuss. Would your response be different if Fairever continues to use “fairness” as a theme of its promotion? Discuss. My suggestion is that Fair & Lovely may emphasize more on the confidence of the women than the beauty of women, which means they could show how confident a woman is after using their products while not just show how beautiful the woman is because of the fair skin. It’s quite positive to bring woman hope and confidence in their career and social life. I also support the things Fair & Lovely did after the AIDWA’s complaint, which was that HLL launched its “Fair & Lovely Foundation to encourage economic empowerment of women across India by providing resources in education and business. In addition, HLL sponsored career fairs in over 20 cities across the country offering counseling in as many as 110 careers. This is quite meaningful and useful to set up a good reputation and prestige among the public, which will also help the company to make the brand well-known. Advertisement Recommendation One of the many changes that the HLL Company should implement is changing their marketing strategy. Some Indian people bought the Fair & Lovely product because they liked the way this product was advertised. By using this product they hoped to find a true love or a great job. The HLL Company should emphasize more on the confidence of the women rather then the beauty of the women. HLL should avoid advertising how beautiful women look because of their fair skin complexion. They should not persuade the customer to believe based on their advertisement that fair skin is the trend of beauty. This kind of advertisement is not appropriate in Indian culture because most Indians have dark skin. It is important to understand the culture and policies of the market in order to properly advertise in a way that would not offend any group of people. Also, when advertising cosmetics it is important to be aware of truth in advertisements. In India today, the increasing number of women in the age group 22 to 45 are becoming independent. They have the disposable income and the decision making power to buy what...
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