Failures of History According to Plutarch

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: December 14, 2012
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In Plutarch’s classic literatures, Plutarch gives us his view of women and the roles they played back in his time. He illustrates how caring and encouraging, how determined, powerful and manipulative women can be. But this is only relative to the roles that women play in their personal and social life. The first example of how Cornelia is illustrated as a caring mother, the read says she take “upon herself all the care of the household and the education of her children.” Also, Plutarch illustrates how women are encouraging is in “Life of Tiberius Gracchus”, there is one scene where the Roman citizens suggests that Tiberius’ mother, Cornelia, encouraged him to fulfill his civic duty. First of all, Cornelia’s role is to be Tiberius’ mother so we can only assume that she said this out of being a mother. I think what Plutarch is trying to imply is that women who were mothers supported their children dearly. Next, my example of how a Plutarch illustrates women being determined to get what they want is in Plutarch’s “Life of Marcus Brutus” and “Life of Antony”. In “Life of Marcus Brutus”, when Brutus’ wife Porcia asks what Brutus is up to, he does not tell her because of the importance of secrecy. Porcia then to gain Brutus’ trust, maimed herself to prove that Brutus could trust her. In this example here, Plutarch exemplifies the willingness and determination of women in love/ wife. He shows how women are attached to their husbands and how women can be strong to stand up for themselves. Also, towards the end of the story, when Porcia learns of Brutus’ death, she takes her own life by eating live coals. I think what Plutarch is trying to say is that women take their husbands very seriously and when a couple is married, maybe marriage links their lives together and deaths. In my third example, Plutarch shows how powerful and manipulative a woman can be. My example lies in the story “Life of Antony”, Cleopatra; the queen of Egypt manipulates Antony to fight...
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