Failure Tolerant Leader

Topics: Management, Leadership, Failure Pages: 3 (1345 words) Published: May 22, 2013
A new kind of leader is coming: the failure-tolerant leaders. This new style of leader is about how the employees can learn something from their failures if the leader is not worried about that. Actually, these leaders are becoming more and more important and necessary into the companies where depend on the innovation if they want to survive in the market. Why so? Because with this way of leading, the people don’t get upset or demotivated, instead of that the leader stimulates their creation of new ideas and after all, they will share that new ideas and the will improve them with the help of the people from different departments. Is not about falling down and keep laying on the floor, is about falling down and be able to stand up again and keep creating.

It’s very important implementing this philosophy into the companies if the companies want their employees to get over of the fails. This kind of leader tries to change the worker’s mentalities that see the fail as a bad thing and make them lose their fear of failure. As the markets as changing, the way of leading should changes also as far as the companies want to be successful. This change marks an inflexion point where the new ways of leading substitute the traditional ones in order to be according with the new market’s needs and society’s needs. Anyway, it’s a long way to go because, still, in countries like Spain if you fail, you are a looser. That’s means that the creative have pressure when they are creating because if they fail, that failure will go with them forever and may means that they could be dismissed. So, losing this fear of fail, is the first step to be successful, that’s why those kind of leaders are really important into the company because they will try to get the experience of this kind of worker in order to do not make the mistake than before. So they see this like an advantage. But we are not talking about any kind of mistakes, so we should differentiate between: -The ones which can...
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