Failure Is Impossible

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Through the course of life we tend to say the phrase “I have failed” a great amount of times; when in reality we have not failed, but have not reached our exact goals. No matter what you try, even if not accomplished, one succeeds in the task, considering the incredible hardships one faced. Around forty-five percent of marriages end in divorces, but that does not mean that each and every single person that is part of these forty-five percent have failed in marriage. Thousands of famous athletes lose their “most important” game of each season, school teams lose playoffs games, and some just lose a game, but they have not failed in any of these circumstances but succeeded in many ways. Throughout the world, we have scientists trying to gain the knowledge of earth and beyond our planet every single day. Does each scientist find what they are looking for? Most definitely not, but they have not gave up, which is why they have not failed, but succeeded. We will always belief that life has defeated us and we have failed, but that is certainly…impossible!

A little less than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, but the assumption of that they have failed in marriage should not be made. When two people make the important decision of getting married, they are bound to be together for as long as they love each other. When a couple gets a divorce, they have declared their love to be not existent anymore. Thus, their marriage was a success because they have stayed with one another for as long as love has lead them. They have gained the capability to support, cherish, and depend on one, other than himself or herself. To live with a single person through a period of time, one faces great challenges and change in his or her life. A person must learn how to provide a safe shelter for one another and ways of entertainment on spare time. Any person that can establish that successfully and be happy for any period of time has succeeded. “Failure is only the opportunity to...
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