Failure and Accountability

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Importance of Accountability

Accountability is an important subject for all people, service members and civilians alike. Aside from saving time and energy by maintaining accountability for yourself the items you are taking care of and those you are in charge of, accountability is also vital morally and physically. Accountability is a skill worth having on and off duty, in and out of the armed forces. For example if you were to wake up one morning and could not find your keys, you searched for the entire time between when you woke up and when you had to leave. You finally call your NCO to inform them of what was happening and why you were going to be late, after that you continue to search for your keys looking in every place you can think of. When you eventually do find your keys you continue to search because you refuse to find them in the last place you looked. You are now ready to go and getting in your car you drive to work, when you arrive there you receive a negative counseling, a smoking, an essay to do, extra duty, or any combination of the preceding that your NCO deems necessary. You take your punishment all the while wondering what you did wrong and how your going to turn such a bland subject into that many words worth of essay. You fail to complete your punitive action and so the next day you have even more negative actions put upon you.

The first place you went wrong in the above example was failing to keep physical accountability of your keys. They are something you use everyday and are important enough to your life that if they were military gear they would be serialized. Keeping accountability of your physical items is important because you have to have these items to effectively functions as a human being. While you could have lost something much more important and at a much worse time the fact that you failed to get into work on time is you fault because you failed to keep track of the neccisary items to get to work at the correct time....
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