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October 21, 2012 From Failure To Correction #283

3rd lesson this month on the topic: Is There Life After Failure?

1st Week: “From Failure to Salvation” Failures in our past do not mean we cannot change. We can trust Christ to save us from our sins. 2nd Week: “From Failure To Direction” God has a plan for our lives, but we need to trust Him to work in us and through us to accomplish that plan. We do not need to take shortcuts and take matters into our own hands.

What this lesson is about: Praising God for His work in one area yet questioning His work in another is inconsistent; it calls into question the character of God. Like Mariam, we can learn to trust God’s character and be content with the way He works.

How this lesson can impact your life: Identify ways to avoid a discontented or critical spirit.

Our lesson outline today covers 3 topics:
1. “Acknowledge God’s Leadership” Exodus 15: 19-21; As Christians, let us discipline ourselves to nurture hearts of sincere praise and gratitude to God for all He has done for us. 2. “Avoid a Critical Spirit” Numbers 12: 1-3; When the Lord shows us we’re nurturing critical spirits, we can respond by turning to Him ready to repent. 3. “Accept God’s Correction” Numbers 12: 8-13, 15; Let us seek God’s guidance so we can discern the difference between offering constructive criticism and being critical.

Miriam was the older sister of Moses whom God used to save her baby brother when he was floating in a basket on the river. – After the deliverance from Egypt at the Red Sea, she praised God and invited other women to join in celebrating. – On the way to Canaan, Miriam and Aaron were angry that Moses married an Ethiopian woman. – Miriam and Aaron also complained that Moses was getting too much of the honor of leading Israel out of Egyptian slavery. – They felt they deserved more of the credit because the Lord spoke through them too....

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