Failing Schools

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Sleep deprivation, Education Pages: 8 (2792 words) Published: October 24, 2011
It is extremely important today to give education the utmost attention, as it is considered a guaranteed insurance into a child’s future. However, it is a usual occurrence for children to fail consistently in many parts of the world especially within the United States. A student who has lost interest in their education will generally pay less and less attention to their teacher and will perform extremely poor on tests and other assessments. In extreme cases students will drop out of school and therefore completely disregard their education and their future. It is important that causes of inability to perform well at school should be figured out before they can be pin down to improve performances in general and long term successes in whole. Does the issue lie with the students and/or the parents?

Lack of Parenting
Today many of the children fail for the basic absence of a parent’s guidance or their parents just lacking the necessary skills to properly guide their children. Children today need their parent's guidance to help them make the correct choices towards their education now and for the future, instead of just trying to completely control them or choosing something for their child that they might not be interested in. If a parent makes all of a child’s decisions concerning their education instead of making decisions cooperatively with their child, that child may become disinterested with their own education. On the other hand if a parent can't help a child make good decisions concerning their education then that child might end up the same way, disinterested. But, if parents are there to guide their children through the process of education and decision making the child will see things from different perspectives but also take on more interest for their education because they see that same interest coming from their parents. This even helps children build some self-esteem and in turn parents would start trusting their child a little more and believing in their ability to make good choices. According to PubMed, the usual cause for the lack of parenting skills is their low socio-economic status. Parents which are living below poverty lines have no such access to parenting skills. Also, teen parents have a harder time forming parenting skills as opposed to adult parents. In middle class families this is mainly due to lack of emotional and financial support and the lack of awareness. In more well to do families the lack of good parenting is mainly due to parents simply having a lack of time. Furthermore younger parents are more likely to be the ones who are immature and less capable of giving the sacrifices sometimes that are required of parents. Furthermore, the parents that have been abused in their childhood are more likely to make bad parenting choices for their own children. Students are Hungry or Lack Sleep

The results of an August 2007 study conducted by James F. Pagel, who was the MD of University of Colorado School of Medicine, showed that students that had consistently insufficient sleep were more likely to have extremely adverse effects the next day not only on an adults performance but also on a young student's performance. Hunger and sleep, amongst other things, are two of the vital needs within a healthy society. Adolescents who experience sleeping issues are the ones more likely to receive bad grades because of it. Based on a 238 questionnaires that were completed by random middle and high school students it was shown that those who maintain a lower GPA were the ones who had the most sleepless nights and other sleeping issues that include restless sleep, snoring, difficulty falling asleep, etc. Doctor James Pagel also stated in some of the previously conducted studies had proved that students who had irregular sleep patterns, inadequate sleep or otherwise poor sleep quality didn’t perform well in school in comparison to the students who had no complaints of sleep or sleep...
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