Fahrenheit and Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystem

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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Purpose (AIM)-
The aim/ purpose in this field study is to investigate biotic factors (all living things) such as the Tall Spikerush and the Water Boatman, also abiotic factors (non-living things) is to be investigated such as the Turbidity and the water temperature in the study of the freshwater aquatic ecosystem in Penrith lakes. Background-

The Penrith Lake is a major project being established from the year of 1979 by three quarry (mining) companies working together to establish series of lakes .In total seven lakes will be built four recreational and three for wildlife and passive recreation so that Sport such as windsurfing ,Sailing, Sail boarding, canoeing and swimming will be conducted. This major project will take approximately 30 years to complete. The first lake has been completed and is now the Sydney International Regatta Centre; it is now operating and was the Sydney 2000 Olympics venue for rowing and canoeing. The lake all ready has ducks, native fish and also different types of invertebrates. Due to coarse gravel and sand is being mined out of the area for the manufactured of concrete and other products Penrith lake is known as the largest construction material quarry in Australia supplying 75% of Sydney’s sand and gravel the area is then to be reclaimed , regenerated and landscaped. Penrith Lake are a man made system of lakes. The lakes are filled with water after the large quarry (mining) is finished and closed off. The lake is filled from urban runoff, the quarry operations and the Nepean River. Penrith Lakes Map:

Penrith lake is a site of 1,935 hectares and located 44km west of Sydney Olympic park, Homebush Bay and about one hour drive from central business district , it’s also unique positioned at the foothills of the blue mountains and is also by Nepean river.

* * Digital thermometer
* Dip net
* Eight post
* Stop watch...
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