Fahrenheit 451 Scene Change Analysis

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  • Published : July 23, 2007
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If the setting in Fahrenheit 451 were moved back to the setting now it would greatly affect the plot and the characters. The overall mood in the futuristic city is dark, gloomy, and cold. It is illegal to own books and gain knowledge. The technology is very advanced and therefore people have lost interest in simple things like enjoying nature or having a meaningful conversation with one another. Instead they watch TV and listen to the radio all the time to fill the emptiness of their lives. The mood would be happier, brighter, and more cheerful if the setting were changed. With the setting changed technology would not be as advanced and the people would actually enjoy life. People would not drive so fast and hit living things. And instead of watching the TV all day or the radio all day people might talk a walk outside or play a game outside. Because the people in the futuristic town have advanced technology to do everything for them they might fear that they actually have to do some work in the new setting. Along with that some fears may be eliminated like: able to legally read a book, legally be able to think, or being hunted by the mechanical hound. The characters now value different things with the setting change. They probably value family, friends, and people more. Being alone and spending time with themselves would be more important to them. They would also value books more, now that they can read them. And they would also think nature is important. The characters would be able to look forward to learning and gaining knowledge instead of having ignorance. They would enjoy being with people and nature, and not rely on robots and technology to do everything for them.
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