Fahrenheit 451 Narrative

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Alan Pham
Period 1
Fahrenheit 451 – Biographical Narrative
Guy Montag relaxed after going through troublesome times he just went through – the furious rebellion against the book-burning firemen, and his own wife, Mildred, betraying him, leading to his own house and books being burned to ashes. He lied down on the ground, with soot covering him, but with the smell of fresh nature, and the sound of peaceful silence surrounding him.        Montag stirred in his spot, feeling troubled, for it was too quiet. With all the commotion going on previously in the city, it was baffling to hear absolutely no sound now. It was almost unbelievable, and Montag realized how uncanny this silence actually was. This silence wasn’t peaceful at all. It was as if something harsh was about to occur, like in the horror movies. It was the silence of death. Despite hearing the others get up from their spot and leave, Montag continued to lay there. Reminded of a part of a novel he read not too long ago, Montag suddenly felt immense sorrow as he thought of Mildred. Why now, must he feel this sorrow, when Mildred apparently felt no sorrow for what happened to Montag? Mildred didn’t even remember the place and time of where they both first met, suggesting that she wasn’t committed to their love and marriage. Montag continued to ponder about this, even though it would be the common nature of everyone else to not care at all. As Montag continued to feel melancholy because of Mildred, he became distracted from the real world. Suddenly, Montag sat up, struggling to keep up with the events that were occurring, immediately feeling the presence of somebody there. He turned abruptly towards the area the others would have been, but there was no one there. Then, Montag stood up and looked around him. Montag dropped all of his thoughts on Mildred and was hypnotized by what appeared in front of him. As hundreds of military personnel were focused on him with nuclear rocket launchers, Montag...
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