Fahrenheit 451 Lit Notes

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Fahrenheit 451: The Sieve and the Sand
Pages 100-110
* Montag reads Dovers’s beach to Mildred and her friends after interrupting their TV time even though Faber insisted he not do it * He makes Mrs. Phelps cry because she feels pain when listening to the poem * Mrs. Bowles gets angry at him and tells him that he’s evil and mean “ ‘silly words silly words, silly awful words’ said Mrs. Bowles ‘Why do people want to hurt people? Not enough hurt in the world, you got to tease people with stuff like that!” (pg. 101) and “ your nasty, Mr. Montag, your nasty” (pg.101) * Montag loses control and brings awareness to death, and lost love and ignorance. He kicks Mildred’s friends out of the house * Mon tag takes the ear chip out of his ear to avoid getting a lecture from Faber * He suddenly feels guilty for causing Mildred’s friends pain an starts to doubt his cause * Montag goes outside to hide his books in the bushes so, Mildred can’t get rid of them anymore * Mildred finally goes back to work where he has to return a book back to Beatty because his 24 hours are up * He notices that The Mechanical Hound isn’t there * When Montag gets to Beatty he hands him a book and Beatty throws it in the bin disinterestedly * Beatty already knew that Montag was having doubts but Montag assured him that he was all better * During their game of cards, Montag feels very scared, guilty and fidgety * He gets up to wash his hands often to rid himself of the guilt he’s feeling “In Beatty’s sight Montag felt the guilt of his hands. His fingers were like ferrets that had done some evil and now never rested always stirred…” (page 105) * Beatty still knows that there’s something wrong with Montag so he tries to confuse him and trap him into revealing himself * Faber continues to tell Montag to ignore Beatty and follow his own heart * Beatty describes a dream to Faber in which they were both arguing with each other about books and...