Fahrenheit 451 Ingorance and Knowlage

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  • Published : September 17, 2011
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Fahrenheit 451 is a book that talks about ingorance/knowledge and censorship. I will be telling you about what I think about ingorance/knowledge. I will use the pages 9 and pgs 56-57 to point out some examples of ingorance/knowledge. I will also have my own opinion about the topic with my own examples of ingorance/knowledge. In page 9 of Fahrenheit 451 Clarisse is talking to Montag about the dew on the grass and how the billboards used to be smaller and that show how Montag is ingorant abut reading and knowledge, because has been alive for so long and this girl know more things then what he knows because she has been reading and Montag has not.

When Beatty was talking to Montag about how the world used to be before they starter burning book, which also shows ingorance for example books are what people used to read for fun and then motion pictures came out with radio and television and people stopped reading as much and the world began to die down and people became less educated and the people that were educated started taking over.

In today’s world most people are ingorant about reading and knowledge. Most people who don’t read or educate their self end up having a horrible life, for instant someone I knew dropped out of school in 11 grade because they did not like to read so he acutely ended up homeless because his parents kicked him out since he could not get a job. The reason he could not get a job was because he was a high school dropout and he couldn’t read well enough to fill out the job application. Another one of my friends also was ingorant about knowledge and was a dropout. He ended up working at one of the worst jobs around and was getting paid the least of all the other workers so he had to live in a small house hardly any food and no family all because he was ingorant about knowledge.

In the book Fahrenheit 451 there were more examples of ingorance/knowledge, but I only used a few. I also used a couple of my own examples....
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