Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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  • Published : May 14, 2015
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Negative effects of technology
Technology is taking over the city, books are illegal and if they are found they will be burned. In Ray Bradbury’s FAHRENHEIT 451 technology has its upsides but it also poses many problems, if technology is going to continue being a main recourse in this country then it will seem more like a jail more than a city. Technology is restricting people from acting a certain way or preforming different tasks and if someone acts against the law or does something a different way they will be arrested. Technology is used to control people in so many ways. Citizens have become addicted to the technology that they have at their disposal, take the parlor wall for instance. The main character of Bradbury’s novel, Montag, is scared of the mechanical dog so in order to stay on the mechanical dogs good side he does not do anything rash or out of order. Some citizens do not let technology control them but then they are punished for what they do.

In the narrative FAHRENHEIT 451 Bradbury gives technology a big role to play and the people focus on the better effects of technology like the snake but the people are overlooking the disadvantages of technology like the parlor wall. The parlor wall is used to brainwash people, once they are addicted to the parlor wall they want to copy the actions they see on the parlor wall. Mildred is one of the many people who are addicted to the parlor wall. Mildred is somewhat brainwashed by the virtual reality people that she watches and interacts with in her living room. Mildred over dosed on pills because she was brainwashed by the parlor wall and after Montag called the emergency hospital and two men extracted all of Mildred’s blood and replaced it with clean healthy blood (Bradbury 13-18). The morning after Montag woke up and saw that Mildred was not there beside him so he panicked and went to see where she was. Montag walked into the kitchen and found here eating, acting as if nothing happened the night...
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