Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Dystopia, Ray Bradbury Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Briana Sandoval
Mr. Robertson
English 12 AP
August 21, 2013
The Life of a Book is Tough:
The value of literature
In the novella Fahrenheit 451, written by the author Ray Bradbury, the characters live a fast-paced life of leisure in which books are meaningless. Literature has completely no use to the people in the future created by Bradbury; it takes up “precious” time that they choose to spend on movies and interactive television. Books and other forms of literature are scorned and even against the law in the dystopia of Bradbury’s world. Unlike the “real-world” that the readers live in, the value of literature is nonexistent. Our main character, Guy Montag, is even in the profession of destroying these books and other forms of literature. There is no value, no importance, and no point to books in Fahrenheit 451.

Literature has always played a vital role in the society of men. From the times of ancient Greece, to the every life of the average 25 year-old college student, books and other forms of literature have been quite important. People use books and stories to tell of their history, to entertain the masses, to educate the youth; literature is so versatile. In Fahrenheit 451, there are no positive uses of literature. The only books the characters read are smutty pornographic novels, and comic books. True wonderful literature and books of outstanding reputation are nowhere to be found. The people of Fahrenheit 451 don’t want to have to sit down and take the time to read a book, or study the history of the Greek Gods, or simply get a kick out of a comedic play. That takes up too much time in their quick, little lives. These folks just move way too fast; they don’t even slow down enough to notice the simply things. In the world of Bradbury’s novel, “cars started rushing by so quickly they [the government] had to stretch the advertising out so it would last” (pg. 9). Life has become just a blur to these men and women; they just want to get to the “meat...
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