Fahrenheit 451 Defines Apathy

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  • Published : September 18, 2014
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Taylor Jansheski
March 5, 2014
2nd Hour Advanced English
Ray Bradbury's graphic novel Fahrenheit 451 defines apathy. Apathy means," a lack of feelings or no emotions." In Fahrenheit 451 there is a community in the future that is not allowed to read books. Books are banned in the community as" illegal" because books give people theory and thought and could make people or the community go insane. People called "firemen" burn any books, instantly, that have been seen or reported, including the owner of the books house, and maybe themselves to burn with their books. With the community with no feelings, or apathy, due to the lack of knowledge, which are from the books, but that knowledge is banned due to the censorship of the firemen burning and banning books in the community.

In the beginning of the book, our main character is Montag. Montag is a fireman that burns books. Montag has apathy, he burns people's houses and books, does he feel bad once so ever? No he doesn't. In fact, there is a skit in the book relating to how Montag and the firemen feel about burning books. "It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten...to see things blackened and changed."(pg.3) Firemen and Montag have apathy because they don't have true feelings, the only way to get true feelings are from books, but books are assigned for them to destroy. There is a high chance that no fireman will ever have feelings because if a fireman has a book, they have 24 hours to return it or their house, and most likely them self , will be burned if not returned.

Another character in Fahrenheit 451 is Mildred, Montag's wife. She is a huge example of showing apathy in this novel. Mildred has never thought once about the world around her. She accepted the tiny "lack of knowledge" world she lived in, never questioned it. Even though Montag is part of Mildred's life and family, Mildred is more loved or attracted to "The Family". "The Family" is a T.V....
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