Fahrenheit 451 Change

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  • Published : October 30, 2013
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Fahrenheit 451 Change
Courage is one of the heroic qualities that Montag possesses. Throughout the novel he shows that he has courage to do the right thing even though the odds are against him. For example, “Montag places his hand on the woman’s elbow and says, ‘You can come with me.’”(Bradbury 39). He tries to convince the old lady to get out of the house which was about to be burned. This act requires courage because in a society presented in Fahrenheit 451, nobody cares about others and by helping the old lady Montag creates suspicion about himself by his fellow firemen. Another point in the novel where Montag shows courage is that he reads in the subway in front of many people primarily to think independently. This is clearly an act of courage because reading or owning a book in the novel is illegal and can lead to severe consequences. Finally, Montag in order to make a difference and change the anti social society takes steps which are difficult but necessary. For example, he kills Beatty and knocks out the three firemen because they become a major threat to him as the firemen receive news about him hiding books in the house. In conclusion, Montag has a quality of a hero by having courage.

Beyond courage, Montag also possesses specific skills which emerge as heroic. First, Montag not only possesses brains but also possesses brawn. He illustrates this while he tries to escape his burning house and at the same time fights the mechanical hound. Montag beats the mechanical hound by using quick reflexes, stamina and strength. Second, Montag illustrates his intelligence at the ending of the novel because he finally realizes the wrongs of the society and what measures are to be taken in order to correct it. For example, he says, “The salamander devours his tail!”(86). The salamander is symbolic in relation with Montag planning with Faber to destroy the government from the inside by coming up with the idea of destroying the firemen structure by planting books...
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