Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published: June 4, 2009
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In the world we live in a lot of things happen, there are events that can change history or make history. Things that happen may change how the society would react. The Society can really be controlled by the government because the government can say tell the people false information and people would believe it. Another thing would be that both our societies would depend on technology so much we would forget the good things in life such as stories. Mildred would be a good example for this because he is always watching T.V and listening to the radio, she did nothing else. Our society is similar to the society depicted in the novel.

Today, we do have technology everywhere, and it would be hard for many of us to survive without it. We rely on things like the TV and the computer to provide us entertainment, and most people today say reading as "boring" or "a waste of time". Although our technology today is not as complicated as it is in Bradbury's novel, we do have many of the items mentioned. We have radio's , and you can find a television set in almost every household. People in Fahrenheit 451 would define luxury as 4 or more wall-circuits (TV's that take up entire walls). They would watch TV or listen to the radio all day, without having to interact with anyone or do any work. That is kind of true for the world of today because we all love to just stay home and do whatever we like. I know many people who would love to stay home and do whatever they want. People today do spend a lot of money on technology, but most people would want to go outside eventually. Mildred Montag listens to the radio and watches the TV all day. She loves it, and begs Montag to get the 4th wall installed, even though it costs 1/3 of his yearly pay. She does not realize how big of a chunk that is, she just wants more. The people in Bradbury's futuristic world do not realize how unhappy they are, because they are too absorbed in their technology. They think that they are happy, but are...
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