Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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Fahrenheit 451

Having a “Foil” in a story can really change the outcome of the ending; this is exactly what happened in Fahrenheit 451. Clarisse’s character influence so much in the story that thanks to Clarissa, Montag realized how books played an important role in his life and his society. In the story Fahrenheit 451 Montag worked as a fireman, but in his society instead of putting out fires, they’ll start them by burning books. Their society prohibited books among their people because with books then the government wouldn’t have the power to control society. Clarissa was Montag’s neighbor when they met; Clarissa tells Montag how things used to be in the past when people used to have books. Montag gets intrigued at what Clarissa told him, and asks Montag if he’s happy with his life he says yes, but feels that he’s lying to himself when he said that. This triggers Montag to read books and find out what they say about how their society used to be in the past and if it’s possible change it himself.

Clarisse is a seventeen year old girl, she’s considered an outcast of society because of her habits, which include hiking, and making questions. She is a very happy girl very different than other girls her age. She herself represents individuality and free thinking. She’s real, alive, vibrant, and dynamic. She makes Montag look at the world differently than how he used to see it as. She makes Montag change and turn against his society by her ideas and behavior. She then gets murdered, but I believe that she dies because the government killed her for being a different individual.

Guy Montag is a Fireman; he loves his job, lacks of knowledge, is rebellious, and has courage. He’s also kind of restless, questioning, brave, and a leader.Before meeting Clarisse he used to be proud of what he used to do, until he met her, he realized that books aren’t bad and starts to question his society until he rebels against it and starts a journey that...
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