Fahrenheit 451

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One versus the Rest
Through a story about a society of people who have lost touch with their humanity and history while allowing themselves to become victims of propaganda and censorship. These people have become mindless and naïve. The science fiction film Fahrenheit 451 was directed by François Truffaut. This film predicted that the future is to become greatly dependent on technology implications for immediate happiness. The fact that the growth of television and technology has driven the people not to read has become a deficit to society. Seeing the struggles that one person goes through and it effecting his job, the internal conflict that has been brought upon him. Based on the 1953 novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury, the film is about a future in which a fireman, whose duty it is to destroy all books, and then begins to question his task. 

In the future, a totalitarian government employs a force to seek out and destroy all literature. Montag, one of the fireman runs into his neighbor, Clarisse who is a schoolteacher whose job is hanging by a thread due to her unorthodox views. The two then have a discussion about his job, where she asks if he ever reads the books he burns. Starting to become curious Montag begins to hide books in his house. This leads to conflict with his wife (Linda), who is more concerned about being a member of The Family, an interactive television program that refers to its viewers as "cousins". The captain talks with Montag at length about how books change people and make them want to be better than others.

A middle-aged woman who was seen with Clarisse a few times is called the book collector, having a hidden library within her house. Once caught with books she refuses to leave her house, opting instead to burn herself and the house so she can die with her books. Returning home that day, Montag tries to tell Linda and her friends about the woman who martyred herself in the name of books and calls them out on knowing nothing about what's going on in the world, calling them "zombies" and telling them they're just "killing time". Disturbed over Montag's behavior, Linda's friends try to leave, but Montag stops them by forcing them to sit and listen to a novel passage. During the reading, Linda's friend breaks down crying, now fully aware of the feelings she repressed over the years. Meanwhile Linda's other friends leave in disgust over Montag's alleged cruelty. Montag meets with up Clarisse and helps her break back into her house to destroy papers that would bring the Firemen to the book people. She tells him of the "book people," a hidden sect of people who disobey the law, each of them have memorized a single book to keep it alive. Montag tells the captain he is resigning, but tells the captain that he will do one last call. That last call happens to be his house. Linda leaves the house, telling Montag that she couldn't live with his book obsession and leaves him. Angrily, while breaking things to find the books and throwing them to the floor, he destroys the bedroom and television before setting fire to the books. The captain lectures him about the books, and pulls a last book from Montag's coat, for which Montag kills him. He escapes and finds the book people, where he views his "capture" on television. 

Within a communist society, social control falls in multiple layers. Social control is the process of socialization and for the people to be obedient, to keep all things under control. A society, whose overarching value is happiness, believing that they are getting what they want but end up not getting it and the society still remaining unhappy. The firemen who seem to be the only force are seen as the main social control in this film. The media, making the people obedient by sucking them into the TV, makes the society think that ignorance is bliss. The media which are portraying another version of social control but this time causing the people to be sucked into the walls and to...
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