Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Technology in Montag’s world is so distracting that mothers are so apathetic for their children. Mrs. Bowles is a perfect example of how selfish society is. She does not care about her children because she already has something to take up her time; like watching TV. As soon as Montag comes home after visiting the firehouse he discovers Mildred and her ‘friends’ are discussing their daily drama shows. He jumps into the conversation asking the women about their family and children. Mrs. Phelps remarks that she has no children and people, who have children, in her opinion, are out of their minds. Mrs. Bowles, on the other hand, describes her children with no dignity or respect. She states, “No use going through all that agony for a baby. The world must reproduce; you know the race must go on…I plunk the children nine days out of ten. You put up with them when they come home three says a month; it’s not bad at all. You can heave them into the parlor and turn the switch. It’s like washing clothes: stuff laundry in and slam the door” (95-96). Mrs. Bowles compares her children to a responsibility, and a chore. She has no idea what the meaning of life is and she would not be able to understand with all the technology. Also, Mrs. Bowles does not like her children, unlike most mothers. When Mrs. Bowles had her children, she had them by Caesarian section, even though the doctor said it was not necessary. In this society, the only reason children are born is because they create a vast population. Today many people feel delighted to be a parent of children that are brought into this world. There may be a time when some may feel angry, but never once had a parent stopped communicating with their child. Bradbury purposely wanted the reader to notice that Mrs. Bowles had no compassion when saying ‘putting up’ with the children when they come home nine days out of ten each month. Even then, she controls them, neglects them, and trivializes their presence, driving them towards...
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