Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

Melissa Smith
English II – Period: 6
Clarisse McClellan
Clarisse McClellan is a character in the story of Fahrenheit 451 by the author Ray Bradbury. She is a very fascinating girl to write about. Clarisse plays a very important role in Guy Montag’s life. Clarisse is not like a typical teenage girl. She has a huge role, an outstanding look and a strange personality.

Clarisse in the story plays the role of a seventeen year old girl. She is the neighbor to Guy Montag. In the story she lives with her strange family. Her role develops as she meets Montag. He ends up becoming attracted to her.

Clarisse has gorgeous characteristics. She’s a young girl in her teens. She has pretty black hair. Her skin is the color of milk as stated in the book. Montag is in many ways attracted to her. When he goes home from talking to her outside he imagines her face on his wall.

In the story they think Clarisse is crazy. She loves to walk in the rain and taste the rain drops. She also loves to play with flowers. They make her go to a physiatrist because they think she is crazy for taking long walks and talking about her feelings. Clarisse loves to ask Montag a bunch of questions. Monatg enjoys her questions since his wife does not care about him.

Clarisse is an interesting character to write about as you can see. She has a huge role. Clarisse is very pretty and in the story they think she is diverse and peculiar but she really isn’t. Clarisse is just like every other human being. Fahrenheit 451 is about the future so there aren’t people that are like Clarisse. Clarisse is an inspirational character that touched Montag and the readers.
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