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5 proffesional internet portals

This is a website about french tourism.There are many places you can visit in france, so this website makes it easier for a tourist to choose exactly what they can see and where they can go.on a front page you can find out about different cities in the country,destinations,suggestions about acctivities a person can participate in.information where you can rent a vehicle.website has its own facebook page where you can read about other peoples suggestions and expiriances. Everything in what a tourist might be interested in is available,good part also is facebook many would like to hear other peoples suggestions. www.spain.info

A website of spamish tourism company.website provides any information about spain in which a tourist might be interested in.First of all you can find any province,every village,every town and every other place that spain has to offer.Furthermore information about museums,famous monuments and historic places. Also thing that a tourist can enjoy sea,ecotourism,shoping,nightlife,skiing,hiking and ofcourse many restaurant locations.website alson has its own facebook, twitter and youtube page.Every type of information beggining with cafe's,nightlife,sightsieng to hiking and ecotourism everything is provided. www.italia.it

Webpage dedicated for tourist who want to visit Italy.Website has many language options italian,english,german,french,spanish,chinise.Here tourist can find about different parts of italy.about travel ideas for example:art and history,culture and entertainment,religion and spirituality,the sea,mountains,ways to travel and so on. In addition you can find videos on front page,pictures,a weather forecast is also available.a telephone number is given if a person has other questions.facebook and twitter pages are also available.This webpage is full of helpful information and a helpline service number is very useful. www.visitbritain.com

Tourist who are interested in Britain,this webpage has everything neccessary.Travel tips,accomodation,things to do,maps,many special offers,everything about Britains history,historic places,sculptures,castles,Royal attractions and British theatre.information given i think is comprehensive and emal is given for any information person would like to get.

This website is translated in seven languages so that anyone can get full information about tourism attractions of greece.Tourist can get information on frontpage about greece not only for a summer but about whole year climate.Person can get quick list about destinations,weather information, hotel prices,online brochures is provided for additional info.On a website you can watch videos which people shared after visiting greece and read their opinions on the website or on there facebook page,or twitter.

2 statistical yearbooks

Spain is the most popular tourism destination in Europe, but in the last three years it has also increased its role as an origin of outbound tourism. The 2006 figures showed further growth in the number of hotels and similar establishments (+4.0%), which was consistent with the trend in previous years (+1.6% on average each year from 2000 to 2005). Bed places followed the same trend but at a higher rate between 2000 and 2005 (+3.7% on average each year) and at a lower rate in 2006 (+2.2%). This meant an increase in the average size of establishments from 2000 to 2005 (from 81 to 90 bed places), followed by a slight decrease in 2006 (88 bed places).

In 2006, tourism demand revealed strong expansion in terms of nights (+7.3%), caused by both domestic and international demand (+7.6% and +7.2%, respectively). Domestic nights consolidated the positive trend of previous years (+5.3% on average each year from 2000 to 2005). Conversely, nights spent by non-residents showed a recovery after the decline recorded from 2000 to 2004 (-2.8% on average each year). The United Kingdom, Germany and France...
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