Topics: Rheumatoid arthritis, Suffering, Pain Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Hello everyone,
Today, the article I would like to give my critique on is about “growing pains”. It’s written by Anne Montague and it’s meant to enlighten laypeople about the causes and the symptoms of growing pains on children and how to deal with it. The author supports his argument with some evidence based on surveys. According to the Scandinavian study of school children, it found that 13% of boys and 18% of girls suffering from pain that lasted for 3 months and were severe enough to interfere with their normal daily activity. The author mentions a consultant rheumatologist called professor Patricia Woo who Saied that growing pains are most likely to affect very active children. These children often have what are called hypermobile joints, lax tendons and ligaments and muscles that aren’t strong. Especially for those who are going through a growth spurt and this can cause pain because the bone grows faster than the muscle. It is also common for children who have been sick or inactive and they will complain of aches and pains. I agree to some extent that those could be triggers of growing pains, but I’m not sure if such factors can be apply to most of children and if these causes because of growing pains or not. Besides, the research study was including only one country. So, how about the other countries around the world and the different life style that child comes from and how is that affect on them. In the article, the author also describes the effects of growing spurts on children. It started when child gain a couple of inches in height within a weeks. It’s not uncommon for children to wake up at night because of pain and it’s normal if parent’s found that their energetic child lying around complaining from pain. As far as I’m concerned, parents always afraid about anything happen to their child and there must be something they can do to release the pain. Whether taking the child to hospital or give him a treatment at home. According to Professor...
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