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Chapter I
Problem and Review of Related Literature


Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology as an educational institution offers services to the clientele particularly the students, community and stakeholders. The primary operations of the school are non-stop starting from pre-enrolment up to the post-graduation activities. These activities require money, labor force and time. It is a fact that arranging class schedules, instructor’s load and room utilization for the students and faculty in every department is one of the many activities that each department head must prepare before the start of classes and NEUST Atate Campus is of no exception. The Campus always encounters conflict on its room distribution because of the manual way of preparing class schedules. Time is consumed in order to lay-out, arrange and revise the class schedules, room utilization and instructors’ loading. With these problems, the researchers came up with an idea of creating a Faculty Loading System using MS Access database and VB 6.0 programming language. Through this advancement, errors in operations were minimized and time and manpower were conserved.

Related Studies
On Faculty Workloads
Schalin (2011) stressed that determining faculty workloads is not a simple process. Faculty members’ duties are usually divided among teaching, research, service and administration, and other activities. Arriving at a single number that provides a meaningful account of a professor’s production can be an exceedingly complex task. However, the central purpose of a university is to teach; his study focuses solely on the amount of teaching that faculty do in University of North Carolina. As a result, the researcher created a quick, simple, and meaningful measure of teaching loads that can be used for policy purposes. The study is not intended to be a definitive empirical study on the topic of faculty teaching loads. It is instead intended to illustrate approximately how much teaching is actually done by professors, based on a representative sample of faculty.

Academic General Assignment Classroom scheduling
With such a large campus and so many courses being offered, we must use some guidelines in order ensure maximum use of our general assignment classrooms and provide a fair distribution across campus departments. We have highlighted the most important guidelines below. Issues about policy are governed by the Campus Committee on Classroom Policy and Management.

3 Phases of Classroom Scheduling
Phase I: Room Assignment & Compliance

This is the scheduling phase in which you submit your requests for general assignment classrooms. Over 85% of classrooms are assigned at this stage. At the end of this phase, when departmental schedulers enter their requests, the Scheduling Office runs compliance checks for: total number of hours requested by department

prime time vs. non-prime time use of classrooms
standard time blocks
instructional format compliance
Standard Time Blocks
The heavy demand for classroom space requires us to assign general assignment classrooms to academic courses that fit standard time blocks (see table below).  Non-standard times must be assigned in departmentally controlled space.

Time Requests - 70% / 30%
The most impacted times are called prime time and these are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  You must limit your prime time requests for academic courses in general assignment classrooms to no more than 70% of your total general assignment space requests.  Prime time requests for primary sections are calculated separately from prime time requests for secondary sections.  Prime time hours are in bold type in the table above.

Phase II: Schedule Review & Publication

During the review and publication phase of the classroom scheduling process, you've received your room...
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